Your #1 Tool for Reloading: Ammo-Up COMPACT for Brass

News | Mar 03, 2020


If you love to shoot, you may already be in the good habit of picking up your brass for reloading.  This is a responsible routine to get into after a shooting session because you’re cleaning up after yourself and you’re saving money by recycling the rounds you’ve just used.  Reloading may sound tedious to some, but if you have the right tools, it can be a breeze.

The Ammo-Up COMPACT for Brass was designed for the individual shooter.  It’s affordable and easy to take on the go.  It’s the perfect tool for any shooter who chooses to always reload.  Ammo-Up’s President, Silas Dudley, designed this model for collecting and ejecting brass without having to bend over.  This also limits your exposure to lead dust.

The Ammo-Up COMPACT will pick up 9mm, 10mm, 40, 45 Auto, 38 special, 357 SIG, 308 (7.62mm), .223 (5.56mm) and much more. This Ammo-Up will pick up all rifle and pistol brass with the exception of the .22 rim-fire.  Ideal surfaces include concrete, carpet, dirt, sand, and grass up to 4-inches long.

If you need to pick up more brass at once, there are many other Ammo-Up models to choose from.  The Ammo-Up Mini, 18″ Ammo-Up, and 36″ Push are all great options for larger areas.  The HD 18″ Ammo-Up is our newest and most durable model yet for heavy duty jobs. 

Whether your’e looking to get the most out of your personal brass, or you’re gathering brass from an entire shooting range, Ammo-Up has the machine for you.  This will make starting the process of reloading fast, easy, and fun. 

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