Why Reloading is More Important Now Than Ever Before

News | Mar 04, 2021


You’ve probably been hearing gun and ammunition sales are on the rise because of last year’s events. The pandemic, riots, and presidential election caused many people to feel uneasy, and therefore, they wanted to be able to protect themselves.

Ammunition manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the high demand. It’s no surprise the cost of ammunition is also rising. An article on 19fortyfive.com explains, “For those looking for the popular 9mm, a box of 50 rounds FMJ (full metal jacket) 124-grain top quality loads were available for $59.98, or about $1.20 for each round. A 150 round box of Winchester Lake City 5.56 NATO FMJ 55 grains – labeled “Value Pack” seemed anything but – as it was available for $224.89.”

The writer of the article, Peter Suciu, explores many factors responsible for high ammo costs. Not only did many gun owners stock up on ammo, but many first time gun buyers last year did the same thing when they purchased their guns. Some customers stocked up so much they’ve been able to sell their excess back to stores. Others loaded up on ammo only to resell it for an inflated price, taking advantage of the shortage.

It’s hard to say when prices will go down. Peter says in another article, “…even if gun sales dip in 2021, the same is unlikely to be true of ammunition sales. In other words, if 2020 broke the records for firearms, 2021 could set a new benchmark for ammunition sales and continue to build on last year’s strong sales.”

If you’re being impacted by this, one of the best things you can do is reload your ammo! Even though it’s not common, you can reload shotgun shells by saving the hull and reusing it. Reloading brass is much more popular and many people already have the equipment to do so. The easiest and most efficient way to gather your shells is with an Ammo-Up machine.

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