Warnings about Lead Dust

News | Aug 02, 2017


With so much controversy about what’s healthy and safe in this world, it’s nice to know when there’s a clear threat so we can take steps to correct it. Lead poisoning can cause very serious health problems. Target practice is definitely the time to exercise extreme caution and safety. Many young people are beginning to practice shooting and we should all be cognizant of the possibility of lead poisoning due to lead dust. Lead dust comes from handling shell casings and can be transferred to the skin and clothing. If not washed off, it can lead to lead poisoning.

Lead poisoning is not something to leave up to chance. It can cause many health problems including memory loss, fatigue, irritability, low libido, high blood pressure, abdominal pain, constipation, headache, and reproductive issues.

Washing your clothing and body after touching lead shells is extremely important in order to avoid these problems. Breathing in the dust can also pose a threat, so make sure to wear a protective mask while handling the ammo.

Ammo-Up has many models for picking up ammunition. The use of one of these machines would significantly lower the risk of lead poisoning, plus it’s convenient, time saving, and efficient. Unlike sweepers many ranges use, our machines do not kick lead dust into the air and would reduce exposure.

This new knowledge shouldn’t discourage you from shooting, but inspire you to spread the word to fellow shooters. Just because there is lead dust at gun ranges doesn’t mean you shouldn’t target practice. It just means we should make sure we’re all well informed so we can protect ourselves and future generations. Shooting is an important skill and making it safe and fun should be our main goals. Sources: Picture from NPR.org

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