Tips to Improve Your Shooting Skills

News, Uncategorized, | Apr 22, 2024


Practice shooting and maintaining your preferred self-defense weapons are a great place to start when sharpening your gun skills. If you’re serious about staying safe and sharp while carrying, that should be the bare minimum. In between concealed carry classes, it’s important not to stay in a stagnant routine. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to defend yourself or others, you don’t want to be caught off guard. Maintaining a fitness routine and running stressful drills with a buddy may be just what you’re missing.

In the movie “Zombieland” the main character is constantly adding to his list of survival rules. Cardio is at the top of that list, and while you may not be running away from the undead any time soon, he makes an important point. If you’re struggling with an assailant and are out of shape, it will be much more difficult to defend yourself. On the other hand, if you train your body to be able to endure extended physical activity, you’ll have a much better chance at fighting them off and using your firearm. A solid workout routine can be incorporated into the shooting practice you’re already doing.

Physical stress isn’t the only facet of training you should focus on. It is just as important to challenge yourself emotionally and mentally by running drills with a friend. America’s 1st Freedom is an NRA publication that shares excellent shooting practice tips, and they had this comical idea for helping you stay focused, even in the face of distractions. “While you remain unmoving on the firing line, have your partner agitate you through any non-physical means you agree are acceptable, such as yelling creative insults or banging a pot behind you—heck, use a bullhorn if necessary.” They also share you can challenge yourself mentally by setting a timer for your drills. This puts a little extra stress on your mind and gets you used to thinking quickly under pressure.

All of these drills are a great way to see how you would handle a real situation and show you areas of weakness so you can improve your skills. Of course, make sure the location you intend to run these drills is safe and you have permission from the range. Outdoors would be the ideal place so you have enough space.


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