Tips for Protecting Against a Home Invasion

Uncategorized | Jan 08, 2024
Tips for Protecting Against a Home Invasion


Protecting your home against intruders is something everyone should be interested in because it’s in our biological makeup to protect ourselves and families. Some might think the first thing you should do is buy a self defense weapon, and while that is important, there are some practical improvements you can make to your home to make it harder for a potential intruder.

Brett Cooper has an excellent video with Ryan Johnson, a full-time SWAT officer, who has a lot of knowledge about home defense. He shares invaluable information about how to keep your home safe. Making your home structurally sound, starting with the front and back doors is a great place to begin. Ryan recommends installing a metal security door to fortify the doors of your home. This can be pricey, so if you can’t afford to do this, you can at least upgrade the screws in the front door to enhance security.

Another great idea is to install anti-smash clear window coatings on your windows so that you can still see out, but the glass is protected. This is a good alternative to putting metal bars up, which may be a good bad guy deterrent, but will make your house look like a jail.

You may have heard a shotgun is the best option for a self defense weapon. While they are typically more affordable compared to other firearms, they’re also more difficult to handle because of their intense recoil and they take longer to learn how to use. A better option would be an AR-15 with a 16-inch barrel, making it legal in most states. They are currently the most affordable they’ve been in a while, they hold 30 rounds, and the recoil is a lot less intense. You may be wondering if firing this type of weapon will cause bullets to go through your walls. The reality is no matter what kind of firearm you have, this will happen, but it’s better than falling into the hands of a criminal.

A tactical advantage you have if someone breaks into your home is you know the layout. The first reaction should be to call law enforcement as soon as you’re able to, but if you must protect yourself, it’s important to be educated on how to do that. Self defense and weapons training classes are a great option. If you’re in a situation where a criminal has made it into the house and you must protect your family, already having a plan with them so you all know what to do is crucial. Barricade children in a safe place and pick a good spot with some cover for you to stand and defend them. Installing motion activated lights for the outside of your home is another deterrent you can utilize to give you more time to react and hopefully scare away an intruder.

A great thing about these tips is they are buying you time. Ryan points out, “If the committed bad guy wants to get into your house and you’ve created these barriers, it’s buying you time to potentially get to a firearm if you have it and call for help.”

Please check out Brett Cooper’s video How To Protect Your Home w/ @TREXARMS – YouTube as this was the inspiration for this post.

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