The Pandemic’s Impact on Gun and Ammo Sales

News | Sep 30, 2020


So far, the year 2020 has had many unexpected turns of events.  There are so many unknowns and people are doing whatever they can to protect their families and homes.  On March 13, 2020, President Trump declared the coronavirus a national emergency.  In May, we saw the beginning of riots and protests as a result of heavy news coverage on the death of George Floyd.  Since March, the sales of guns and ammo have skyrocketed.  According to Brookings Institute in Washington D.C., “…almost three million more firearms have been sold since March than would have ordinarily been sold during these months.”  That estimate was reported July 13th, and since then, this trend has continued.
Many of the people who are purchasing guns are first time gun owners.  Some claim they would never have imagined they would own a gun, but because of recent events, having a gun at home makes them feel safer.  The pandemic and riots have caused many people to stock up on food and water, and with so much uncertainty, it makes sense why more people are buying guns to protect themselves.
Another interesting result of the pandemic is the rise in the purchase of hunting and fishing licenses.  Americans want to get outside and hunting and fishing are great hobbies for avoiding contact with others.  You’re far from crowds and can enjoy nature in a stress free environment.  Not to mention, fresh air and sunshine are great for the immune system, and therefore give you a better chance of avoiding getting sick.
It’s not surprising that gun sales are continuing to spike, and people are taking advantage of their second amendment rights.  Protecting your property and family in a safe and law abiding manner has never been more crucial.

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