The Paintball Ammo-Up

Paintballs | May 31, 2021


       Summer weather is here and many of us are enjoying more outdoor activities.  Paintball is an intense, exciting sport many people enjoy.  Ammo-Up specializes in building machines that pick up shotgun shells and brass shells, but did you know we have a whole line of models for picking up paintballs and reballs?
       The Paintball Ammo-Up can be used at paintball tournaments and paintball fields after games, making cleaning up a breeze.  When paintballs fail to release their paint, some people will get down on their hands and knees and pick them up to reuse.  With the Ammo-Up, you’ll be saving time for this process by simply collecting them into the basket.  The fingers on all the machines will pick up paintballs and the practice reballs.
      If you happen to be able to play paintball at home, there is a Compact Ammo-Up model designed for the individual shooter.  This lightweight stab model would be perfect for someone who practices or plays games in a smaller area.   There is a Mini push model, an 18″ Push, a 36″ Push, and a 36″ Pull Behind for larger areas.  The Pull Behind unit is designed to be pulled by a mower, ATV, or golf cart.
      Whether you’re a dedicated paintball player, or you own a paintball field, there is an Ammo-Up model for you.  Using an Ammo-Up machine will make your clean up faster and more fun.
Check out all the Paintball/Reball Ammo-Up machines here:

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