Self Defense Myths to Avoid

News | Oct 11, 2023
Self Defense Myths


Owning a self-defense firearm is a great way to protect your property and family. It may seem easy enough to buy a gun, keep it locked in a safe, and listen to advice from just anyone, but getting lazy about self defense can get you in trouble. Self defense myths are constantly being passed around as bad advice, so before you take it, research it.

“You’ll have time to load your gun in the event of a home invasion” is a myth being shared by people who don’t have training experience. If your firearm is being stored safely, always keep it loaded. You won’t have time to load your weapon if someone is actively breaking in. This is also true if you’re concealed carrying and a worst-case scenario breaks out. Be prepared and practice for all scenarios so you’re not caught off guard.

There are a few myths surrounding aiming that don’t make much sense. One says you don’t need to aim a shotgun, and another says there’s no need to practice using pistol sights since you probably won’t have time if an incident arises. These are simply not true. You should always practice shooting and aiming any gun you plan to use in self-defense.

Underestimating what a criminal is capable of is another myth we need to bust. “Criminals will run away from a drawn gun” or “Criminals don’t know how to shoot” are both examples of these. The truth is many criminals are well trained and not afraid of a fight. Just pointing the weapon at them is not enough. If a situation is actively playing out, you’ll want to be prepared and the best way to do that is to practice various scenarios so you can rely on your training and muscle memory.

Some of these myths have been around for a long time. For example, one such myth is you should load your shotgun with rock salt so if you must fire it at a criminal, it will just scare them away. This isn’t very wise because rock salt can still cause serious injury or death. If you’re firing a gun at someone, it should only be because you felt like you or others are in danger. Another myth that has been around for a while is if you shoot a criminal outside your home, bring them inside to avoid getting in worse trouble. This is also a bad idea because the police will be able to see you’re not being truthful and everything you say will be questioned. Honesty is always the best route to take.

The bottom line is don’t believe everything you hear. Use common sense and investigate advice before you take it. Self-defense should always be taken seriously so you can be as safe as possible.

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