Real Testimonials From Real Ammo-Up Customers

News | Jul 27, 2021


          If you’ve checked out the Ammo-Up website, you’ve seen pictures, videos, and descriptions of Ammo-Up machines, and you might think about what it would be like to use one.  Our products help shooters save time and energy collecting their ammo in a fun and efficient way.  They even help reduce your exposure to the harmful effects of lead dust.  But what do our real customers have to say about our machines?  Here we’re sharing real feedback from customers who took the time to share their Ammo-Up experiences.
John P. said, “I love Ammo-Up. The Portland Police department has been using them on the ranges and they are incredible.”
We could not live without this Ammo-Up. There is not a better product for picking up brass in the world.” -Retired Officer Rick J.
“We’ve been using the Ammo-Up for the past six to seven years and it has saved us countless hours of picking up brass. Highly recommended. We use it on our inside and outside range and have nothing but good to say about it.” -Brian C.
“We love our Ammo-Up because it’s helped our instructors keep their backs straight in getting the brass up and saves a lot of time on the range.” -Robert
“Ammo-Up saves you time and energy. It’s very efficient for picking up brass. The range stays a lot cleaner.” -Christopher P.
There are also many reviews on our products with customers sharing their personal stories of how Ammo-Up machines have helped improve their lives.  One customer mentioned he has a back injury and the Ammo-Up has helped him avoid having to bend over to pick up ammo, preventing further pain.  Others have commented they received great customer service and these products are unlike anything else on the market.
If you have enjoyed using your Ammo-Up, please let us know by leaving a review.  We value customer feedback and often use it to make improvements.  Check out all your Ammo-Up options and start picking up your ammo the fun and easy way!

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