Product Spotlight: The New Ammo-Up HD for Rifle and Pistol Brass

News | Jun 25, 2019


Recently, we released a new product called The 18″ Ammo-Up HD for Rifle and Pistol Brass.  This new idea was sparked when customers began requesting a more durable, heavy duty machine.  Silas Dudley, Ammo-Up’s President, took this idea and worked to make the product into a reality.

With the help of his brother and Ammo-Up’s CEO, Caleb, and a couple of other employees, he embarked on the designing process.  Brent, General Manager, gave his perspective from the marketing side.  Brian, Warehouse Manager, was also brought in to give his suggestions to make this machine the best it could be.

Brian had this to say about the creative process, “Silas came in with the first prototype and asked us to look it over.  We all gave our ideas for how to make it better.  This happened about 4 or 5 times before the best version was finalized.”  
When asked about the upgrades that have been made to this new version he said, “The frame of the machine is all metal.  Wheel shaft bearings have been attached to either end, which allows the machine to run much smoother. It’s sturdier, more durable, and will last a lot longer, especially for outdoor ranges.  The only plastic parts are the wheels and fingers. The basket doesn’t stick out as far but holds the same amount of brass, if not more.”

These new machines have opened up new opportunities for utilizing metal as a building material in future products.  Even though the Ammo-Up HD hasn’t been on the market long, we’ve heard positive feedback from our customers.  Whether you’re looking to use it for indoor or outdoor shooting ranges, military locations, or police stations, this heavy duty unit will get the job done

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