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GSA Contract Holder

Special Discount Pricing for Qualified Government Agencies and Most State and Municipal Organizations

As an opportunity to support our troops and law enforcement agents Ammo-Up offers special discount pricing for qualified government agencies on all of our shotgun and brass pickers. Discounts start at 6% and increase with volume.

Benefits for Training Facilities

Using the Ammo-Up at your training facility will allow more time for training and less time cleaning up! The FBI, DOJ, DHS, and US Armed Forces are already enjoying the benefits of our products at some of their ranges (see testimonies below). The Ammo-Up is made in the USA, uses no motor, and picks up the spent ammunition safely, limiting occupational hazards from airborne lead dust. Most state and municipal organizations qualify for this GSA pricing as well (We are participants in the Cooperative Purchasing Program through GSA).

Please call 800-940-2688 or email us for quotes, questions, and ordering information. If desired you can order your Ammo-Up directly through GSA Advantage as well. Please note we are listed as a GSA Contractor through our corporate company Bag-A-Nut under contract #GS-07F0072W.

What Others Are Saying

"Before Purchasing the Ammo-Up we wasted valuable training time picking up spent brass. Now we can spend that time practicing life saving skills"
OFC. Matheis, Aberdeen, MD Police

"We are very happy with our Ammo-Up and it has saved us a lot of time as firearms instructors. We don't require our Officers to pick up their spent cartridges and in the past it has produced extra work for the instructors. Saves us time, thanks."
Mark of Green River, WY

"Ammo-Up is a great product. It cuts clean-up time by 75% and decreases down time between relays. Get off your hands and knees and get Ammo-Up."
David C., Dept. of Homeland Security

"Your ingenious product has greatly shortened clean-up time, allowing more time for range training. Plus, it's fun to operate and our Police Recruits are eager to use it!"
Pete S., Firearms Instructor, South Bay Public Safety Training Consortium

"We have 14 guys with MP5's shooting thousands of rounds. The Ammo-Up keeps us from tripping over the Brass. Works great on the concrete."
Jason J., USAF