How The Ammo-Up Started

News | Jul 03, 2017


James Dudley developed the concept of the Ammo-Up machines in 1988. His original machine was designed to pick up pecans and other types of nuts. He called his machine the Bag-A- Nut. He started Bag-A- Nut Inc. in 1990 and developed many types of machines for picking up a variety of items.

In 2004 Caleb Dudley, grandson of James, became CEO of Bag-A- Nut LLC. Caleb re-designed the Bag-A- Nut machine for the shooting industry, launching the Ammo-Up line of products.

Over the years, through feedback from our customers, we continue to develop the Ammo-Up product line. We have developed our products to a standard of which we are very proud. We have a 98% customer satisfaction rate and once you try the Ammo-Up, you will see why. The dream carries on as Ammo-Up continues to pick up year after year.

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