Do You Know About Tuff Shins?

News | Sep 24, 2020


You may already be aware of Ammo-Up’s origin story.  In 1989, James Dudley, founded Bag-A-Nut, Ammo-Up’s sister company.  The Bag-A-Nut machines pick up a wide variety of nuts, such as pecans, acorns, and black walnuts.  They also have golf ball and paintball models.  
   In 2004, Caleb Dudley, James’ grandson and current CEO of both companies, reinvented the Bag-A-Nut for picking up ammunition, thus creating the Ammo-Up company.   What you may not know is over 30 years ago, James invented a product called Snake Leggings.  Now renamed Tuff Shins, the product is still manufactured in the Ammo-Up Warehouse in Jacksonville, Florida.  
Tuff Shins easily slip over your shins to provide protection against snakes, sand spurs, weed eaters, thorns, and more.  This versatile product is great for hikers, outdoorsmen, and surveyors.  They’re also ideal for lawn maintenance and are proudly made in the USA.  Don’t be fooled by cheaper copycat versions made in China.  Our original product is thicker, comes up higher, and is more durable.  They are made with high quality waterproof material, don’t absorb sweat, and are scent free.
Whether you’re a farmer walking through the fields, a hunter trudging through the woods, or a gardener maintaining the grounds, you’ll be protected with Tuff Shins.
Check them out at and discover how helpful they can be!
Tuff Shins - Snake Shin Protection

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