Could an Ammo-Up Machine be the Perfect Christmas Gift? 

News | Dec 15, 2020


With Christmas only a few weeks away, you may find yourself scrambling for gift ideas.  An Ammo-Up machine could be the perfect gift for the gun enthusiast or marksman on your list.  Whether your loved one enjoys shooting brass or shotgun shells, Ammo-Up has you covered.  There is also a line of machines designed to pick up paintballs and reballs.
If you’re Christmas shopping for someone who loves to shoot, spends a lot of time at the shooting range, and even recycles their ammo, one of these machines would be the perfect surprise.  Not only does the Ammo-Up make collecting your ammo fast, fun, and efficient, using one will also reduce exposure to lead dust.
With so many options to choose from, you’ll be able to find the machine that’s right for what your loved one needs.  The Compact Ammo-Up is great for small areas because you just stab the machine onto the ground to collect the ammo.  It’s easy to store and travel with.  The next size up would be the Mini Ammo-Up and for larger areas you could go with the 18″ or 36″ Push models.  There is a 36″ Pull Behind model for shotgun shells so you can pull the machine behind a mower or tractor.  The newest model is our 18″ Ammo-Up HD for Rifle & Pistol Brass.  It has been redesigned to be our most durable machine yet.
Make this Christmas unforgettable and grab an Ammo-Up machine today!
Compact Brass Collector

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