Convenient Ammo-Up Accessories

News | Feb 23, 2022


Ammo-Up has always provided rebuild packs to help with extending the life of your machines. Recently, some innovative add-ons have been added to our accessories page, and if you haven’t checked them out, it’s time to see what you’ve been missing!

The Compact Ammo-Up now has a detachable head kit option. If you purchased a Brass Compact, you can get the Shotgun Swap Kit to easily convert it. If you purchased a Shotgun Compact, there is a Brass Swap Kit. This will save you money and space if you’re wanting to collect both types of ammo.

The Wall Side Sweeper accessory easily attaches to the rolling style Ammo-Up machines. Instead of having to get a broom or use your foot to slide ammo from the sides of walls, this funnel will collect ammo and push it in front of the unit for easy pick up. It makes your Ammo-Up that much more convenient and you can add it to one or both sides of your machine for easy customization.

The Weight Attachment Bracket was designed for outdoor terrain like grass or dirt. The bracket attaches to your Ammo-Up so you can attach weights (not included) so the wheels will press further into the ground, allowing for a more efficient collection of your ammo.

Of course, if you want to represent your love for Ammo-Up, grab a hat or shirt with the Ammo-Up logo (modeled by our hot inventory manager, Brian).

Please check out our Accessories Page for all these products:

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