Can you Reload .22 LR Ammo?

Brass | Mar 06, 2024


Since .22 LR ammo is the smallest caliber bullet, many people believe it’s not possible to reload them. While it is a tedious task, not only is it possible, but it may also be the perfect project for those up for a challenge.

You may be wondering why it would even be necessary to reload .22 caliber bullets when you can just buy more and save yourself time. In recent years there have been many ammo shortages, and the .22 caliber has become more difficult to find. Not to mention, the political tensions surrounding gun control have caused many Americans to feel their Second Amendment rights could be threatened. Having the tools and skills to reload is a great way to be prepared for the unknown future.

Sharpshooter has everything you need to get the job done. Their reloader kit provides the knowledge and tools you need for reloading .22 caliber ammo. Included in the kit is a specialized tool to cast, cut, and crimp, a primer cleaner/packer, a primer funnel, a measuring tool, and an eyedropper. There is also a booklet included outlining each step, but if you’d rather see the kit in action, you can watch the instructional video located on their website under the product’s description. This is a great resource because it addresses many questions you may have about the reloading process.

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