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Ammo-Up's GSA Contract

Ammo-Up's GSA Contract
   Shama Dudley, Ammo-Up's Marketing Manager and wife of Caleb Dudley, CEO, recently renewed their GSA contract for the second time, which means the contract has been successful for the past 10 years.  This mutually beneficial relationship began when customers within the government started asking if Ammo-Up provided this discount which would allow the customers to save time and money.  
   In many cases, a third party would be hired to handle the details of the contract.  Shama took it upon herself to get familiar with the process and said it has been an incredible learning experience.  After submitting a proposal and negotiating for the best price, they decided on a 6% discount for all federal agencies.  This discount is offered for state and local government agencies as well.  The contract ensures government customers will get the best discount available.
   When asked how it has positively benefited Ammo-Up's business, Shama said "It brings relevance to our company and gives us more credibility.  We're getting extra sales we normally wouldn't."  This helps get the company name out so more people will be aware of Ammo-Up products and more interest is generated.
   Every five years, Shama renews the contract and she says it has been great for both parties.  She looks forward to continuing this arrangement in hopes more people within the government will reap the benefits of using Ammo-Up products and the company will continue to build up a positive reputation.

NRA Indy Convention 2019

NRA Indy Convention 2019
This year marks the 148th NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits.   Ammo-Up has been a part of the NRA Convention for many years and we are looking forward to attending again.  The event is being held in Indianapolis, Indiana on April 26, 27, and 28.  It will be returning to the Indiana Convention Center, the same location as the 2014 show.  There will be over 880 exhibitor booths and Ammo-Up will be one of them with demos set up so you can see our machines in action!  
From guns, ammo, accessories and more, you'll be sure to find something of interest to you.  Not only will there be numerous booths to check out, there will also be several workshops and seminars each day.  So far, there are 57 scheduled in rooms throughout the convention center, including Refuse to be a Victim: Crime Prevention Strategies, Concealed Carry Facts, and Gun Control Lies.
Several celebrities who promote the second amendment will be in attendance including Norris Jernigan, Brandon Curtis, Jerry Miculek, Jared Ogden, and Eva Shockey.  There will also be an Annual Meeting of NRA Members, a Women's New Energy Breakfast, and Sunday is Youth Day.  
Across the street at the Lucas Oil Stadium, President Trump will be speaking on Friday for the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum.  On Saturday night, Alan Jackson and William Michael Morgan will perform a concert presented by NRA Country.  There really is something for everyone.  Come check us out at booth #1416!

The Ammo-Up Origin Story

In 1988, James Dudley invented the Bag-A-Nut machine.  This became a success within the farming world and many machines have been created since to pick up pine cones, sweet gum balls, golf balls, and a wide variety of nuts.  
In 2004, Caleb Dudley, James' grandson, became the CEO of Bag-A-Nut.  It was around this time the first Ammo-Up machine was created and it was made specifically for shotguns.  There was no name for the product, it was simply another iteration of the machines under the Bag-A-Nut umbrella.  One customer asked if there was a unit that could pick up brass, so the first brass model was made.
A dealer from Southern Bell Brass began trading machines for brass with a police department.  This inspired Caleb to create an all new branch of the company for picking up ammo.  The name Ammo-Up was chosen because it was generic enough to include different types of ammunition.
Ammo-Up was a young company when they attended their first shot show in Orlando, Florida.  The products were well received and at that time there were only 2 models for sale.  
Today, Ammo-Up continues to grow, providing 15 different models to choose from.  There are five options for picking up brass, five for shotgun shells, and five for paintballs. Under each type of ammo, there are several different styles, including the Compact Ammo-Up for the individual shooter, the Mini for small areas, the 18" Push model, and two 36" styles in push and pull behind models.
The addition of Ammo-Up machines has opened a whole new world for the business.   Our products continue to be popular at many shot shows and have even been a success on display at the NRA show for years.

The Ammo-Up 18" HD is the newest and most durable brass collector on the market. The Ammo-Up HD is designed to pick up 9mm, 10mm, 40, 45 Auto, 38 Special, 357 SIG, .308 (7.62mm), .223 (5.56mm) and much more.
The new brass collector frame is made from steel to extend the life of the machine. We have implemented a new wheel axle design to include a sealed bearing so that it will keep collecting for many years.
It's amazing to see the growth of the company since it began all those years ago.  Now, we look forward to a future full of growth and innovation, tailored to our customer needs.