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What You Should Know About H.R. 5717: The 30-50% Tax Increase Proposal on Guns and Ammo

What You Should Know About H.R. 5717: The 30-50% Tax Increase Proposal on Guns and Ammo
Now, more than ever, law-abiding citizens should be doing everything in our power to protect our loved ones.  With so much unknown about the future, we can all agree we need to be able to protect ourselves.  As a result of the pandemic, some prisons have released inmates, putting us all at unnecessary risk.  Shockingly, a bill called H.R. 5717: The Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020, was introduced in January of this year by Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA).  It proposes many concerning changes to our gun laws.

Currently, there is a 10% tax on firearms and ammunition.  These taxes are allocated to a variety of different things, such as hunter safety education and wildlife preservation.  H.R. 5717 proposes a 30% tax on firearms and a 50% tax on ammunition.  According to USA Today, "Thirty-nine percent of the money collected from these taxes would be put toward research on and programs for gun violence prevention. The legislation does not specify how the funds would be allocated or where the other 61% of the money would go."

Molly Stellino of USA Today goes on to explain other aspects of the bill saying if passed it would, "require individuals to obtain a license to possess firearms, raise the minimum age for purchasing firearms and require law enforcement be notified when an individual does not pass a background check."  Gun Owners of America points out the bill also establishes "federal funding for red-flag middle-of-the-night gun confiscation raids — without notifying the gun owner in advance or giving him a due process right to defend against the unsubstantiated allegation triggering the raid."  They also explain the bill would propose "a semi-auto ban, a ban on standard capacity magazines and suppressors, a one-gun-a-month limitation and much, much more."

It is likely you haven't heard of this bill since it has not been a popular topic in the mainstream news.  What are Second Amendment supporters to do?  There are many ways we can work together to maintain our freedom.

What You Can Do:

Call Your Representatives
Go to https://www.house.gov/representatives and find the representatives from your state.  You can call their offices and ask what their stance is on H.R. 5717.  Depending on what they say, you can explain why the Second Amendment is important to you, ask them to oppose the bill, and thank them for their time.  This will not only inform you on who to vote for in November, but the more citizens who call opposing the bill, the better.

 Voting in November's election is critical for preventing this bill from passing.  Knowing who supports and opposes H.R. 5717 will be extremely helpful in discerning who to vote for.  This should become more clear once November gets closer, but it's never too soon to start researching.  If we can discover those in Congress who support the bill and vote them out, we can do our part to prevent the bill from passing.  

Spread Awareness
Since many people are probably unaware of this bill, we can let our friends and family know about it.  The more people who know about this bill, the more who will vote and call against it.  

To learn more about this bill, you can read it directly here: https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/5717/text


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Shotgun Shell Crafts

Shotgun Shell Crafts

Recently, we shared all the amazing things that can be created from using brass shells.  While it is possible to use shotgun shells in reloading, it isn’t very common and most people end up throwing them away after shooting.  Before you toss them in the trash, check out these unique craft ideas for upcycling shotgun shells.  We’ll share our favorites, but the possibilities are endless.

The first idea is using shotgun shells for home décor projects.  Take a piece of wood, stain it whatever color you want, and attach shotgun shells to the wider flat side to make a hat rack.  By gluing them together, you can create just about any shape you want, like the first initial of your family’s last name, an animal, or a cross.  Add whatever accessories you want to make it more stylish.  You can also glue the shells together to make a picture frame.  Make shotgun shell candles by pouring candle wax into the hollow opening and adding a short wick inside.

There are a plethora of ideas for using shotgun shells to make Christmas decorations.  These would be particularly fun to make with kids.  You can make Christmas tree ornaments and beautiful wreaths to hang on your door.  Try attaching the shells to a string of lights and watch them glow!

Key chains and jewelry are another fun way to utilize shotgun shells.  Etsy has some gorgeous glitter coated shotgun shell key chains for sale.  If you’re willing to give it a try, you could make your own by applying glitter to the outside of the plastic shell and then attach the key chain hook and any accessories you want.  If you don’t want to use the plastic part of the shell, you can easily remove it by melting the plastic off with an iron (please check below for a link with more details on how to do this.).  The flat brass end of the bullet can then be used in gorgeous jewelry creations. 

No matter what your skill level is when it comes to crafting, you can find something fun to make with shotgun shells.  After collecting them with your Ammo-Up, put those excess shells to good use and give some of these crafts a try!

Sources and Ideas:

Check out Pinterest for all these ideas and more!Click HERE

Shotgun Shell Candles: Click HERE

How to Make Shotgun Shell String Lights: Click HERE

How to Make a Shotgun Shell Wreath: Click HERE

How to Remove Brass from a Spent Shotgun Shell: Click HERE


Your #1 Tool for Reloading: Ammo-Up COMPACT for Brass

Your #1 Tool for Reloading: Ammo-Up COMPACT for Brass
If you love to shoot, you may already be in the good habit of picking up your brass for reloading.  This is a responsible routine to get into after a shooting session because you're cleaning up after yourself and you're saving money by recycling the rounds you've just used.  Reloading may sound tedious to some, but if you have the right tools, it can be a breeze.

The Ammo-Up COMPACT for Brass was designed for the individual shooter.  It's affordable and easy to take on the go.  It's the perfect tool for any shooter who chooses to always reload.  Ammo-Up's President, Silas Dudley, designed this model for collecting and ejecting brass without having to bend over.  This also limits your exposure to lead dust.

The Ammo-Up COMPACT will pick up 9mm, 10mm, 40, 45 Auto, 38 special, 357 SIG, 308 (7.62mm), .223 (5.56mm) and much more. This Ammo-Up will pick up all rifle and pistol brass with the exception of the .22 rim-fire.  Ideal surfaces include concrete, carpet, dirt, sand, and grass up to 4-inches long.

If you need to pick up more brass at once, there are many other Ammo-Up models to choose from.  The Ammo-Up Mini, 18" Ammo-Up, and 36" Push are all great options for larger areas.  The HD 18" Ammo-Up is our newest and most durable model yet for heavy duty jobs. 

Whether your'e looking to get the most out of your personal brass, or you're gathering brass from an entire shooting range, Ammo-Up has the machine for you.  This will make starting the process of reloading fast, easy, and fun.