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The Paintball Ammo-Up

The Paintball Ammo-Up
       Summer weather is here and many of us are enjoying more outdoor activities.  Paintball is an intense, exciting sport many people enjoy.  Ammo-Up specializes in building machines that pick up shotgun shells and brass shells, but did you know we have a whole line of models for picking up paintballs and reballs?
       The Paintball Ammo-Up can be used at paintball tournaments and paintball fields after games, making cleaning up a breeze.  When paintballs fail to release their paint, some people will get down on their hands and knees and pick them up to reuse.  With the Ammo-Up, you'll be saving time for this process by simply collecting them into the basket.  The fingers on all the machines will pick up paintballs and the practice reballs.
      If you happen to be able to play paintball at home, there is a Compact Ammo-Up model designed for the individual shooter.  This lightweight stab model would be perfect for someone who practices or plays games in a smaller area.   There is a Mini push model, an 18" Push, a 36" Push, and a 36" Pull Behind for larger areas.  The Pull Behind unit is designed to be pulled by a mower, ATV, or golf cart.
      Whether you're a dedicated paintball player, or you own a paintball field, there is an Ammo-Up model for you.  Using an Ammo-Up machine will make your clean up faster and more fun.
Check out all the Paintball/Reball Ammo-Up machines here: https://ammoupusa.com/collections/paintballs-and-reballs

True Stories of "The Armed Citizen"

True Stories of "The Armed Citizen"
It seems like bad news is often focused on over the good.  It's healthy to give your mind a break from the negativity and turn your attention to something positive.  The mainstream media rarely reports on the countless stories of law abiding citizens using their second amendment rights to save themselves and others.  It happens more often than you might think.
The NRA has a news section on their website dedicated to telling these stories.  You can search their news section with "The Armed Citizen" and over 300 articles come up.  These stories are being updated often, with tales of heroic citizens using their right to bear arms to protect their homes and families.  These stories take place all over the country, and their locations and sources are always cited.  You can read numerous amazing stories like the following. 
In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, two female roommates encountered an intruder in their apartment and after being injured by him, one was able to grab her firearm and shoot him in the leg.  They held him at gunpoint until the police arrived.  
In Stockton, California, a woman and her family were being attacked by their neighbor and she successfully stopped him with her gun.
In Phoenix, Arizona, a gas station clerk was able to grab his stashed gun and  stop a gunman who was threatening the customers. 
These stories paint a picture of what happens when law abiding citizens are able to use their God given rights to defend themselves, property, and even strangers. Good prevails!

How to Reload Shotgun Shells

How to Reload Shotgun Shells
Reloading is a great way to save money, especially during this time of high ammo prices.  It is most common to reload rifle and pistol brass shells, but you can also reload shotgun shells.  The experts advise to always follow a recipe to avoid accidents and always wear protective eyewear.  They also suggest inspecting the hulls and discard any with flaws.  As long as they're in good shape, you should be able to use them about a dozen times.
According to an expansive guide on Range365, "To start reloading shotshells, you will need a press, a scale, and a solid bench to bolt or clamp the press to."   You will need "hulls, primers, plastic wads, powder, and shot."  You can either use a single-stage or a progessive press model.  The single-stage models are cheaper and you can only press one shell at a time, while a progessive press allows you to work on multiple shells at once.
There are 7 steps to reloading: 
1. Size and Deprime the Case
2. Seat a Primer
3. Charge with Powder
4. Seat a Wad
5. Charge With Shot
6. Start Crimp
7. Finish Crimp
Each step has its own set of important details.  Refer to the sources linked below for a more in-depth look at exactly how each step works.  The most efficient way to collect the hulls is by using our Shotgun Shell Ammo-Up.  Although you cannot reuse the wads, our machine will pick them up also, which is a nice clean up feature.  
Check out all our Shotgun Shell Ammo-Up machines here: