An Update on the Ammunition Shortage

News | Jan 20, 2021


It’s a new year and we have survived the roller coaster that was 2020.  There are still many unknowns ahead and it’s important to stay up to date on what’s going on with the state of ammunition supply and demand.  Ammunition manufacturers experienced an unprecedented demand for ammo last year, starting in March, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.
When news of the pandemic became a daily discussion, followed by riots, a general feeling of uneasiness spread across the country and people began to prepare for the worst.  Not only did they begin to hoard food and toilet paper, but gun and ammunition sales skyrocketed.  More people also took up hunting as a hobby because it’s a safe way to get outside and social distance.
John Zent’s American Rifleman article explores many factors of the ammunition shortage, with many of the manufacturing companies weighing in themselves.  He focused on Hornady Manufacturing, Vista Outdoor, SIG Sauer, Fiocchi USA, Sierra Bullets, Winchester, and Browning, and they are all working harder than ever to keep up with the ammunition demand.
Hornady Manufacturing explained how they have been impacted by all the events of 2020.  “…COVID is a reality for us, too,” said Hornady. “If an employee has to quarantine, even if they’re not sick, we can’t just send a loading press home with them. We’ve had to spread out and guard against super-spreader events so that it won’t shut down a big part of the factory.”
Back in September, Vista Outdoor acquired Remington Ammunition and according to Chris Metz, who owns Federal, Speers, and CCI, the merger “…couldn’t have come at a better time…”  He continues saying “Supplies of Remington ammunition should be coming back on the market in early January. We all grew up with the brand, we love it, and we know we’re not alone.”
Currently, the rise of ammo sales is continuing, especially with all the unknowns surrounding how Joe Biden could impact gun laws in America.  It’s no secret he does not support the second amendment, so law abiding citizens who value their rights must be watchful in the future.

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