Ammo-Up’s GSA Contract

News | May 16, 2019


   Shama Dudley, Ammo-Up’s Marketing Manager and wife of Caleb Dudley, CEO, recently renewed their GSA contract for the second time, which means the contract has been successful for the past 10 years.  This mutually beneficial relationship began when customers within the government started asking if Ammo-Up provided this discount which would allow the customers to save time and money.  
   In many cases, a third party would be hired to handle the details of the contract.  Shama took it upon herself to get familiar with the process and said it has been an incredible learning experience.  After submitting a proposal and negotiating for the best price, they decided on a 6% discount for all federal agencies.  This discount is offered for state and local government agencies as well.  The contract ensures government customers will get the best discount available.
   When asked how it has positively benefited Ammo-Up’s business, Shama said “It brings relevance to our company and gives us more credibility.  We’re getting extra sales we normally wouldn’t.”  This helps get the company name out so more people will be aware of Ammo-Up products and more interest is generated.
   Every five years, Shama renews the contract and she says it has been great for both parties.  She looks forward to continuing this arrangement in hopes more people within the government will reap the benefits of using Ammo-Up products and the company will continue to build up a positive reputation.

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