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Ammo-Up's innovative design makes it simple to pick up a wide range of ammo.

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The Newly Redesigned Ammo-Up

More efficient than ever the all-new Ammo-Up's help gun ranges and individuals save time and energy.

18" Ammo-Up for Rifle & Pistol Brass
  • Save Time & Energy

    Save time otherwise spent raking, sweeping, or hand-picking objects off the ground.

  • Save Money

     Ammo-Up can pay for itself quickly by reducing clean-up time for your employees, and recycling the highly valuable brass.

  • Made in the USA

    All Ammo-Up products are proudly made in America.

  • Safety First

    No fuel, no exhaust, and is made with 30% pre-consumer recycled plastic.


We love our Ammo-Up because it’s helped our instructors keep their backs straight in getting the brass up and saves a lot of time on the range.

Ammo Up saves you time and energy. It’s very efficient for picking up brass. The range stays a lot cleaner.

I love Ammo-Up. The Portland Police department has been using them on the ranges and they are incredible. At the end of training and it’s easy to clean up time by just pushing the Ammo-Up around. We dump it into a box and we are all good to go. Freeking love it.

We could not live without this Ammo up. There is not a better product for picking up brass in the world.

We’ve been using the Ammo-Up for the past six to seven years and it has saved us countless hours of picking up brass. Highly recommended. We use it on our inside and outside range and have nothing but good to say about it.